Portfolio of Products

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    Tissue Semi - Finished
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    Specialty papers
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    Solid Boards
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    Ultra - Premium
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    Food Packaging

Exclusive Paper & Board Agencies

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    Business Development

    We are not just paper and board agents, we are your partners for developing your business to the areas of our responsibility. You trust us your brand and we make it stand out from the crowd through brand placement, market expansion, new customer acquisition and awareness. Our ultimate target is to effectively expand your sales through our already established channels and long-term relationships with selected and reliable customers.

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    Claims Handling

    Our team will help you reach a speedy and transparent resolution. Any problem even the smallest claim can cause worry and hassle to all parties in the supply chain. We, at Eltracom pride ourselves on the way we’ll take care of it immediately and manage the situation with the most professional way that minimize the consequences from such an event. But feel comfortable…our principals are quality paper & board producers and deliver always top quality products.

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    Order Monitoring

    Our team has developed a state-of-the-art ERP system “Eltrasoft”. We have been crafting it and improving it day by day. Thanks to “Eltrasoft” you just place the order and everything else is tracked in every single detail. From order confirmation to the final settlement of supplier’s invoice you do not have to worry for nothing. We follow up and we are stand by to help you during the whole procurement process. Rest assure, we do not miss a kg!

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    Market Research

    Eltracom provides specialised research and in-depth market intelligence to assist its principals and customers in making better informed decisions.Our experienced team closely follow the market as well as macroeconomic developments in an attempt to identify short- and long-term trends as they develop. We thrive on providing the right information timely.